Jo an Mey

Director of Photography
Works for Film and Televison

Vita - Jo an Mey

  • Jo an Mey | DoP | Director of Photography | Kameramann
    After several years in theatres, and in the art trade, Jo started his work in the film business. He got a job in the Studios of Filmhaus Munich.
    There he worked with Mike Schult (DoP) and Bulle Berndt (Prof. Hans Joachim Berndt) on 300 Commercial films all over the world. He became Clapper Loader - Focus Puller - Operator
    and was the chief of the camera department with six 35mm cameras and accessories.
    Later he worked for Munich Film school "HFF" with several Students like Dennis Gansel, Marcel Kyrill Gardelli, Peter Stauch, Magret Run, and other.....and shoot his first short films in 35mm Film.
    Shortly after this he was getting job offers from the industry.
    He started shooting music videos, commercials, image films, tv films and other...

    Jo is a freelance DoP and did already hundreds of Commercial, Image Films, Feature Films, Music Videos, all over the world....

    jo an mey


  • Jo worked with following Directors: Marcus O. Rosenmüller, Volker Haak, Marcel Kyrill Gardelli, Andreas Link, Peter Stauch, Dennis Gansel, Ralf Harather, Stefanie Pfeffer, Ernst Kalff, Philipp Fleischmann, Michael Steinlein, Jörg Zuber, Sharon von Wietersheim, Michael Herbig, Carolin Thummes, Manuel Werner and others…


Some snapshots from my traveling

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